Millions of people from all over the world tune in to watch finely-tuned athletes compete for glory and medals, but what goes on behind the scenes to make these events run smoothly? First Travel Solutions provides sport event travel services for some of the most prestigious and complex tournaments around the globe.

We are incredibly proud to have played an important part in the success of famous events such as the 2012 London Olympic Games, the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and the 2015 England Rugby World Cup.

We accomplish this by working extremely closely with organisers of these events to meticulously plan every single detail of the operation. Not only do we think of all the things we know will happen, we have contingency plans in place that allow us to respond swiftly to unforeseeable changes. This helps us ensure that competitors, spectators, VIPs and the media are transported to and from events safely and efficiently.

Thanks to the expertise of our team - who have worked on countless sporting events - we are able to deliver a seamless sport event travel we work on.

To find out more about how these events unfolded - and the part we played in their success - take a look at our case studies to learn a thing or two.