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Overall, investing in employee happiness is essential for creating a thriving, successful organisation with a competitive edge in the market. Happy employees are not only more productive and committed, but they also contribute to a positive workplace culture that benefits everyone involved. Transportation is one of the biggest factors in people's choice of place of work!
We understand the importance of ensuring seamless transportation for your employees. Our Employee Shuttle Services are designed to alleviate the stress and cost of commuting, providing safe, efficient, and comfortable transportation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Wherever your workforce is based, our shuttle services offer a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

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First Travel Solutions has a network of quality-checked and established vehicles across the UK. Our geographical coverage, combined with our own bus fleet and our compliance regime for subcontractors, gives access to all sizes and types of vehicles.

This allows the team to create bespoke travel arrangements for different employers’ needs.
Connecting local towns and communities to numerous regional logistics centres with inbound and outbound journeys, timed to feed into and out of local shift patterns, offers maximum flexibility on service timing and new routes. 

Each solution is delivered bespoke to the employers using our expert team at FTS and the software systems we have developed in-house.

Why Choose First Travel Solutions for Your Employee Shuttle Needs?

Dedicated Account Manager and 24/7 Control Room
•    We work with you to understand your employees' journeys to work, shift patterns, and cost benefits to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Experienced Nationwide Service
•    With you, we create a bespoke, dedicated, reliable service for employees using a mix of local bus services and private hire from our audited and vetted partners, that works best for you.

•    Using buses and coaches reduces daily vehicle use from the road, reducing the environmental impact your business has in your local area.  Supporting your overall sustainability plans.
•    We support the move to zero emission vehicles, particularly within our own fleet, delivering sustainability for you at no additional cost.

Comfort & Safety
•    All of our vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable, safe ride for your employees.

Technology Integration
•    We leverage innovative solutions to optimise our shuttle service. Advanced tracking systems allow for real-time monitoring of vehicles, enabling efficient route adjustments and timely interventions when necessary. 
•    Our data sharing means you can understand the service performance and travel patterns 

Don’t just take our word for it:

First Travel Solutions are invariably efficient and responsive. They understand our business needs and go all-out to help us achieve them.

Bernard Matthews
Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to you & your teams for everything that you have done for us
this year. It’s difficult enough moving such a large number of people – especially where we
suddenly give you minimal notice of additional shifts to cover & changes to working patterns
(all part of the norm!). However Covid & social distancing has led to a whole different level of complexity and in consideration of this, things have gone remarkably well.

With all staff constructing our Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power plant required to travel exclusively by the provided bus service, you’ve fully met our requirements since the contract’s inception in 2017. You’re a valuable member of the team that is successfully delivering HPC

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