In the event of an incident or disaster, safely evacuating your staff and transporting them as quickly and efficiently as possible to a secondary area should be your top priority. Ensuring that your main operations are resumed as quickly as possible is often an important part of businesses, and having a continuity plan in place will help with this.

While the provision of an alternative base - also known as a ‘work area recovery’ site - is essential to this, knowing exactly how your employees are going to get there in an emergency is equally as critical. At First Travel Solutions, we specialise in providing business continuity transport by supporting clients in planning for recovery from threats such as fire, flood, terrorist attacks or supplier failure.

When you approach us for business continuity transport, we work very closely with you to draw up a bespoke operational plan to account for all aspects of your recovery. Our unrivalled network of coach and taxi operators gives you the best possible guarantee of a swift transport reponse.

Our control centre operates around the clock so, if and when an emergency is triggered, no matter what the hour is, we are able to respond instantly and professionally to provide expert support to your own crisis management team.

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