Here at First Travel Solutions, we’re not content with only providing bespoke travel solutions. We strive to always learn and develop our services, to provide something bigger and better.

That’s why we are constantly looking to develop our skills in delivering the very best transport technology and services on the market. Our dedicated in-house team has created innovative and groundbreaking apps and systems that not only allow precise vehicle tracking for us, but that are also able to deliver information direct to customers too. All thanks to the FTS Tracking app.

But that’s not all. Our on-the-ground coordinators also use these systems to support you with the right information, and audit our service regularly so we can continuously improve everything we do.

What this allows us to give to you:

  • A smooth and seamless nationwide service
  • Expert support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pinpoint vehicle tracking whenever you need it
  • Think-outside-the-box and bespoke travel solutions

We don’t just throw out systems at you and hope you understand them. When you come on board for any of your transport needs, we will thoroughly demonstrate our systems and apps to show exactly how they work and how they benefit you.

Contact our team today to learn exactly how we can help you.