What are the benefits of a corporate travel management company?


Industry expertise

Both SMEs and larger businesses can benefit from the knowledge and experience of expert travel management. Choosing to work with a corporate travel company like FTS lets your team get on with their job whilst we sort out the details of all the travel requirements.


24/7 support

Your own team aren’t always there 24/7, so they may not always be there to assist when things go wrong or you need to make changes. On the other hand, a corporate travel management company like FTS, has a 24/7 contact centre to help with your plans whenever you need it.


Duty of care

By working with our expert team, you can ensure that all your corporate travel needs are covered in every way. Our 3 ISO accreditations give comfort that your people will travel in safe, reliable, and quality vehicles; all supporting your Duty of Care responsibilities.



We make sure all your travel from start to end is compliant.  We make sure we are compliant by following our ISO standards and strict internal policies and procedures.


What are you waiting for?  Let us take the travel management for your next event off your plate and into expert hands.


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