Strange that the conversation for many people is now regarding the return to work. Normally in June we're chatting about the forthcoming summer holidays and not troubling ourselves about the prospect of the marathon run from September to Christmas with no further bank Holidays! However, many people's Covid-19 imposed breaks from work are coming to an end. This brings with it some worries about how to undertake the daily commute, and indeed whether the work location may have been temporarily changed to facilitate safe social distancing. Either scenario could lead to a requirement for a safe, clean and reliable transport solution from home to work, or between work locations.

We've been busy providing such bespoke coach links for the employees of several companies, guaranteeing the Covid-Compliant cleanliness of vehicles and adherence to the latest social distancing requirements.

Do you need help and advice with the same situation? Give us a call or drop us an email - one of our professional team will be on hand to provide assistance. 


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