As nearly all UK businesses move from "Survival" to "Recovery" mode. There has never been a more important and crucial time to encourage a steely cohesiveness across your teams. Never in our lifetimes has the UK business sector seen such disruption to working practices and the inevitable splintering of our staff teams and working partnerships.

For businesses to transit from just "surviving" to being able to realistically plan for a new sustainable and long term recovery, there is a significant need to re-invest and re-induct your staff into the new normal way of working. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected just more than bottom lines, all employees at all levels have endured significant disruption to their lives, both at home and at work.

The overarching need now for business is to bring those individuals back into the fold into what may look a very different work environment to the one they left behind in April.

Whilst training and development budgets may be tight, the investment you make now in building new, efficient and cohesive teams will never have been better spent. To enable a more rapid recovery in your business, your staff team needs to gel from the outset - there has never been a greater need for businesses to work smarter.

We can provide your business with a team development package that will encourage all those taking part to work as a group, think as a group and support each other in shared goals. Our programmes are based on a two day residential experience - having an overnight stay in comfortable yet practical accommodation at a number of venues across the UK.

The package starts with your team travelling together by executive coach to the venue of your choice. On arrival, your staff group will take part in a series of team challenge activities across two days each activity aimed at bringing your group of individuals together and into sharp and productive team. The team will then depart mid afternoon on the second day and will be fully motivated to work together to get your business back on track. All meals, accommodation, travel and activities are included in your bespoke package.

We recognise that training and development budgets will be tight in the coming months and as such we have placed a strong emphasis on this Team Development Programme delivering significant results and providing real positive outcomes whilst remaining very much affordable and delivering a high return on investment.

More information will follow but for any more details contact