In celebration of Learning at Work Week 2023, FTS staff have been taking part in programmes across First Bus aimed at learning, sharing expertise and collaboration.

Firstly, the Female Intentional Allyship Programme which is a six-month programme aimed at helping play a significant role in First Bus’s commitment to levelling the playing field in gender diversity.  The programme was created to help improve female representation at leadership levels and it brings together over 100 female colleagues from all functions of First to work with 13 senior leadership mentors, two of which are FTS’ very own Kerry Lambson and Katie Johnson.

Over the course of the programme, the mentors and mentees cover a range of topics including body language, imposter syndrome, mindset and success.

Kerry and Katie will be using their experience to help the mentees navigate their career paths, giving support when faced with challenges as well as helping colleagues with their personal and professional growth.

We look forward to hearing more as the programme develops over the next few months.

Alongside the Female Intentional Allyship Programme, FTS Controller Jane Golightly has been taking part in First Bus’s Reverse Mentoring Programme. 

The new programme is designed to enable mentors and mentees from all business levels to get together and share experiences from their current roles and previous employment.

Jane is partnered with Martin McGowan, Marketing Manager at First Bus Potteries and together they will join forces to experience a ‘day in the life’ of each other, with Martin visiting FTS Control and Jane visiting the First Bus Potteries depot in Stoke-on-Trent.

Jane said ‘I am excited to experience a ‘day in the life’ with Martin and visiting one of the First Bus depots.  Just imagine the wealth of shared experiences and knowledge that is going to be exchanged!

It is certainly something that challenges us to maybe come out of our comfort zone a little and gain new experiences we would not have otherwise had the opportunity to obtain. In addition, it gives us a chance to spread the word about what a great job we do in each department across the First Bus and the challenges we may face as a female member of the company.

This will allow us to identify if/where any barriers are and put an action plan in place to soften them.  Also, to find out what we are doing well to ensure it continues and look at how it could be implemented in other areas. I feel this will enrich everyone's equality, diversity and inclusion greatly.”