In today's dynamic world, real-time, accurate information is paramount to delivering exceptional service to clients and passengers. First Travel Solutions, a subsidiary of First Bus, is proud to announce the launch of its ground-breaking Driver Companion app, a revolutionary solution for vehicle tracking that enhances transparency, safety, communication, and overall service quality.

Available now for download on the Apple iOS Store and Google Play Store, the Driver Companion app empowers drivers to share their location in real-time. This innovative app boasts several key features designed for optimal performance and user experience:

  • Battery-Conscious: Utilises accelerometer-based motion detection to conserve battery life by intelligently turning off GPS when the device is stationary.
  • Infinite Geofence Monitoring: Tracks unlimited geofences with advanced capabilities.
  • Enhanced Motion Change Function: Provides detailed event information whenever the vehicle transitions between moving and stationary states.
  • Seamless Background Operation: Operates seamlessly in the background 24/7 without continuous location updates, overcoming strict background app limitations for unmatched performance.

Andy Scholey, Managing Director, said: “Real-time vehicle tracking is crucial for our valued rail clients, including the Department for Transport, the Office of Rail and Road, the Train Operating Companies, and their passengers. I’m proud that FTS is leading the way in providing this Driver Companion app.  It is the ideal solution for all our client organisations seeking to boost passenger confidence in their managed transport solution—for rail replacement, meetings, conferences, events, sports events, concerts, and workplace shuttles.”

The Driver Companion app presents a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative for vehicle suppliers lacking robust vehicle tracking systems, or who haven't adopted the Kinesis hard-wired solution offered through First Travel Solutions.