COVID-19 Risk Assessment 

At First Travel Solutions, your safety is our top priority. Across the UK, we have consulted with governments, public health authorities and the Confederation of Passenger Transport to introduce new controls to minimise risk. We have continued to review this, as the advice and guidance is updated. 

For FTS’ corporate transport operations, we will work with our clients and suppliers to ensure suitable & appropriate measures are in place to protect all staff and passengers on an operation by operation basis. 

Here, we explain what we’ve done to make it safer for all our rail replacement client’s and their customers. 

Social Distancing at Railway Stations & Pick Up Points 

  • We’re working with Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to follow their guidance at Railway Stations & Pick Up Points  
  • We’ll make sure customers getting off the bus or coach do so before any new customers are able to board 
  • Our ground staff, TOC staff & drivers will maintain a 2m distance at whilst the vehicle is loading 
  • Staff will wear face coverings when a 2m distance isn’t achievable, for example, when assisting a disabled customer 
  • We will ask customers who are able to load their own luggage 

On Board Measures 

  • In most cases we’ve limited the maximum capacity of vehicles to just under 25% and asked customers to sit in window seats, in a zig zag formation to avoid sitting directly behind each other. 
  • In most cases, Seat signs are in place to show where you should, and shouldn’t, sit to maintain a safe distance. 
  • Standing is not allowed 
  • Seats near the driver have been taken out of use 
  • Seats which directly face each other have been taken out of use  
  • Signage on board communicating social distancing requirements  
  • Communicating to customers that they must wear a face covering on-board 
  • Asking customers to sit upstairs on double deckers if they are physically able 
  • Requesting customers not to eat or drink whilst on board 
  • Where possible, leaving windows open onboard to aid ventilation 

Cleaning and Hygiene Measures 

  • Wipes, sanitiser and face coverings provided to all ground staff and by operators to their drivers 
  • Advising customers to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after travelling where possible, or to use hand sanitiser 
  • Thorough cleaning, with virucidal detergent, of all grab rails and poles, entrance door handles, window ledges and other touchpoints by our subcontractors. 
  • Asking customers not to travel if they feel unwell 

Travel Advice and Guidance 

In addition to the control measures we have put in place we have also taken extra steps to try and help customers have a safe, stress free journey, including asking customers to plan their travel in advance, avoiding peak periods 

Risk Evaluation Results 

We believe that having introduced the above measures throughout our business, combined with the travel assistance information we provide, the risks associated with contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) are reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable on our services.