When it comes to organising a day out, especially for a group of students, there are multiple factors to consider. A budget, entrance fees, signing people up, accommodation and, on top of that, how will you get there? First Travel Solutions provides dependable educational travel services and packages to schools all across the UK.

We support teachers and tutors before, during and after the trips to ensure that all requirements have been met. No matter what your objectives were at the start of your journey, we want to ensure that these have been met with the itinerary we have created. All the while we strive to provide the highest levels of security and safety to you and your pupils, so that parents and teachers have complete peace of mind.

The National Citizenship Scheme

Every summer, thousands of teenagers take part in The National Citizenship Scheme. This is a government-funded programme aimed at teaching important skills to students. First Travel Solutions provides transport services to a number of NCS programme providers including The Challenge Network, Catch 22, and Changing Young Lives. The participants travel from their local areas to activity centres and community venues across the country.

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Let us take the hassle out of searching for the best travel for your students. Whether it’s for a primary school day out or university field trip, we can deliver you bespoke transport solutions throughout the academic year.