4.500 concertgoers transported daily from Normandy Barracks

A total of 70 vehicles and drivers recruited to support the 2 day event

3,250 passengers transported daily from Grove Hill

The Challenge

First Travel Solutions (FTS) were approached by Hull City Council to assist with the transport requirements for Radio 1's Big Weekend that took place on 27th and 28th of May 2017.

The Council required FTS to operate a Park & Ride shuttle service over the 2 day event that would ensure the minimum amount of people driving to the venue in their own vehicles, thus easing traffic congestion in and around the area.

The Solution

In the first instance the team at FTS liaised with Hull City Council to work out the estimated number of people attending the event over the 2 day period and therefore the volume of vehicles that would need to be recruited to support the transport network and in particular the Park & Ride services.

A total of 70 vehicles and drivers were recruited by FTS to support the 2-day event in Hull and in addition extra FTS ground staff were drafted in to assist with on the ground operational requirements.

The Results

FTS operated a Park & Ride service from Normandy Barracks, Leconfield, transporting approximately 4,500 concertgoers daily over the 2-day event. This was a mixture of people who had pre-booked on the Park & Ride service and those who were just ad-hoc on the day.

Normandy Barracks is a live MOD facility and this therefore added its own challenges with extra security procedures in place.

In addition to this FTS also operated a drop off and pick up shuttle service from Grove Hill in Beverley. This site was allocated to pre-booked cars only and approximately 3,250 passengers were transported daily.