Another success FTS operation carried thousands of festival goers..., supplies and a fair few saxophones and guitars!

Love Supreme is one of the premier jazz music festivals in Europe and every year it attracts 40,000 concert goers to the three-day event at Glynde Place near Brighton.

The challenge

First Travel Solutions (FTS) have previously supported concert organisers with an ingress / egress shuttle service between Brighton city centre and the festival site, and due to previous successful operations, FTS were again approached to act as the main transport partner.

As in 2018, the festival site is fairly remote, and parking is very limited and to avoid local congestion on smaller B roads, the council only grant permission for the festival if event organisers can demonstrate a sophisticated and managed transport plan.

The solution

As with previous year’s festivals FTS, planned routes, procured vehicles, set up city centre locations to support those arriving into Brighton by rail, co-ordinated queuing and boarding, provided pop up sales points and managed the onsite temporary bus station.

Customers were able to book onto time specific shuttles from Brighton rail station to the site, which helped manage crowds but FTS employed sufficient flexibility in the operation to account for late arrivals and peak time surges.

On the ground staff were deployed to manage operations both at the rail station and at the festival site, where there was a requirement to clear the venue of bus passengers no later than 2 hours after the main stage closed down.

At both the rail station and the festival site FTS were able to manage un-booked walk up sales and transport all customers to where they wanted to be.

As an enhancement from previous years the organisers also contracted FTS to provide shuttle services from both Lewes and Glynde stations, providing more public transport solutions and further reducing private vehicle traffic to and from the site. FTS co-ordinators were onsite at all locations.

The result

Another successful FTS operation carried thousands of festival goers, their equipment and supplies and a fair few saxophones and guitars.

The main shuttle service is well known and extremely well used with Love Supreme’ers and its popularity is supporting organisers to demonstrate to local authorities their commitment to staging a transport considered event.

The additional shuttles from Lewes and Glynde were also popular and well received.

All buses provided were fully accessible and tracked by FTS in Event Control.