What is Frictionless Travel?


How can suppliers and Travel Management Companies come together to take the friction out of travel?  


And what does that mean? 


Travel friction is the negative impact travel has on customers.  The anxiety of the unknown elements; basically anything that may negatively impact the customer physically or has a negative effect on their mindset.  So what helps to take this away?  There are a few key areas that can make the journey experience so much better for the traveller…


A customer focused team

Everyone in the business working to ensure the exact specification for the customer is met.  From the sales team, to control, to the vehicle procurement and quality assessments.


The right vehicle

If you need a value taxi to a luxury coach – you want to make sure the vehicle is right for you and your journey.  And if you’re not sure – get some guidance.  Not just to make sure you have enough seats but to check things like accessibility, luggage storage, safety features and even a kitchen for some!


Great Value

The right price for your journey.  So it delivers exactly what you expect and that you know from the start.  No surprises.  Unknown extras be gone.  A clear and detailed quote so you can rest easy that you know exactly what you will pay, plus when and how you need to.


Here at First Travel Solutions, we have defined our why for all our customers – we will deliver better experiences.


We help to take travel friction away because all our team focus on the journey experience from start to finish – it is something we are passionate about, and the expert team have event and transport experience which is second to none.  We back this up with our ISO certifications, 24/7 access to our call centre, a 15-minute pre pick up time window and GPS tracking on all the vehicles we use so that if something does go wrong, we can resolve it quickly.


Get in touch with our team today on 0345 528 0270 or email travel.solutions@firstbus.co.uk. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.



We create solutions that reduce complexity, making travel smoother and life easier.