Booking a taxi or a bunch of taxis (known as a flock!) has never been easier right?

Well, right and wrong – there is a national shortage of taxi drivers which means it is difficult for them to meet the demand consistently.  Booking direct has become increasingly difficult.

How can you make this easier?  We’ve got our top 3 tips below:


  1. More journey time

Don’t guess – let experts help you work it out so your pick-up and drop-off times are accurate and take into account any external factors – like traffic or the impact of disruption from other modes.


  1. Book ahead

If you’re aware of the requirement for taxi travel, book in advance.  And by advance, that can mean weeks or days ahead for some.  If you know your proposed travel, get it booked now.


  1. Book online with your own bespoke account

This means you can login in any time, easily book your taxi and track your vehicle when the time comes.  Invoicing is all taken care of with one invoice and one payment each month.


With FTS Taxi Online, you can book your taxi journeys and more, within your own bespoke account.


Fast, efficient, and reliable

Our self-service platform allows your business to book travel requirements directly with us through our powerful client accounts portal.

Customisable to meet your business needs, create travel policies that suit your business rules, and empower your employees with the ability to book direct or book on behalf of others. 

Our client portal allows you to set budgets, spend limits, hours of operation and limit vehicle choices, and more. 


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